Maoree – Journey To The Sun

Maoree is Mikhail Orlov’s artistname. A fairly unknown producer till this day but that’s about to change after his Journey To The Sun EP. Opening track Motion is a beauty that makes us think about long summer days and nights abroad. Cruising in a classic VW split bus loaded with surfboards (yep, i themed the artwork to my feeling of the tracks). Journey To The Sun and Jolly get on to a more nudisco / deephouse vibe, both with really good basslines and soothing melodies.

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GENTS119 Maoree - Journey To The Sun EP
GENTS119 Maoree – Journey To The Sun EP

Maoree’s label debut

When we received Maoree’s demos we had access to a playlist with over 10 tracks. Usually this kinda gives us more work, but also a good understanding of what the artist sounds like. A little much maybe, as the preferred number of tracks for demos is usually 5 or less, but we went ahead and pressed play.

We selected 3 and proposed to do a Bandcamp Exclusive release only. Reason being to not stress our release planning that’s pretty maxed out. A couple of mails went back and forth while we kept listening to the selections we made, and in the end decided to just go for a full release everywhere, on all stores and streaming portals.

If you haven’t yet heard the EP we’d like to urge you to check the SoundCloud preview player down below, or just completely scroll to the bottom for the fanlink and buy it.

More about Maoree in our artist section

Gents & Dandy's Records 🎩 · [GENTS119] Maoree – Journey To The Sun EP – OUT NOW

Release dates

Journey To The Sun was released as Traxsource exclusive promo on 15th of May and a worldwide release on 29th May 2020.
Buy and/or stream it here:

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