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Full Digital Bandcamp Discography Give-away 2020.

Edit Jan 6th 2021: Congrats to Sam Colman who's won this give-away.It's the end of a troublesome year. We've kept [...]

Amaury Trevino – Dear

GENTS128 - Amaury Trevino - Dear EP

Amaury Trevino is a 30 year old promising producer from Aguascalientes, Mexico. His Dear EP is proof that he's got a [...]

Deeleegenz – Let It Flow

GENTS127 - Deeleegenz - Let It Flow EP

Welcoming Deeleegenz to the label with Let It Flow. Another Belgian artist on board is always a good thing. And he's [...]

Jorn Johansen – Love The Way

GENTS126 - Jorn Johansen - Love The Way EP

Jorn Johansen's label debut is here: Love The Way EP holds 3 garage house cuts that will rock your sets. Originating [...]

Quadrakey – Lost In Time

GENTS125 - Quadrakey - Lost In Time EP

Quadrakey is a quality DJ / Producer duo working in harmony. Currently based in Berlin, the happily married couple [...]

Will Sonic – Peachlife

GENTS124 - Will Sonic - Peachlife EP

Will Sonic is the artist name of Latvian dj/producer Krists Viļumsons. With Peachlife, his new solo 2-track EP he [...]

VA – The Dandy Selects Vol. 13

GENTS123 - VA - The Dandy Selects Vol. 13

Every summer/winter holiday a new volume of our compilation series 'Various - The Dandy Selects' hits the stores [...]

VA – Fresh Flavors Vol. 2

GENTS122 - VA - Fresh Flavors Vol. 2

Khillaudio compiles 'Various - Fresh Flavors Vol. 2' and introduces three new recent artist signing to the label [...]

Platzdasch & Dix – Sweeping Away

GENTS121 - Platzdasch & Dix - Sweeping Away EP

Platzdasch & Dix return to the label with Sweeping Away. A sublime smooth and deep adventure with the vocals of [...]

Hotevilla – Love Nation

GENTS120 - Hotevilla - Love Nation EP

Hotevilla, a French music producer formerly known as KALK joins the label with the sublime - classic house- sounding [...]

Maoree – Journey To The Sun

GENTS119 Maoree - Journey To The Sun EP

Maoree is Mikhail Orlov's artistname. A fairly unknown producer till this day but that's about to change after his [...]

Addvibe – I Want

GENTS118 Addvibe - I Want

Addvibe aka Lux Experience are the two monikers under which Pal Sorli releases various house flavors. With I Want, his [...]

Dj with Soul – Deep Inside

GENTS117 Dj with Soul - Deep Inside EP

Another Berliner joins the label, as Dj with Soul debuts with 2 tracker Deep Inside. Hovering between deep and soulful [...]

Mogan – Sweet Salad

GENTS116 Mogan - Sweet Salad EP

Mogan, a french dj & producer from Grenoble debuts on the label with Sweet Salad. His bandcamp bio states that [...]

Ryan Kane – A Million Days (Free Download)

GENTSDL08 Ryan Kane - A Million Days (Free Download)

Ryan Kane, a young and unknown producer from Glasgow contacted us with a demo link to his track 'A Million Days' (or [...]