GENTS142 - Got To Move - The Boogie Moon

Got To Move – The Boogie Moon

May, 14 2021

We've got another French, Paris based duo on board! Antoine and Bastien form Got To Move and got in touch with their demos for The Boogie Moon. The original Ride To The Boogie Moon is a funky uptempo jacker with a boogie funk feel. The original is then remixed by another Parisian that goes by the name of Arkid. He transforms it into a Minimal/Deep Tech cut. Grab Me House the EP opening [...]

GENTS141 - Lebedev (RU) & Vallmon - Auvrie

Lebedev (RU) & Vallmon – Auvrie

April, 30 2021

An exciting new collaboration between a Russian & French producer found its way to our inbox. Lebedev (RU), aka Maxim Lebedev teams up with Vallmon to create the stunning 3-tracker Auvrie. Track titles are all pretty short & sweet and seem to be girls/women names (Auvrie, Eva, Glia). First two tracks on the EP are uptempo groovers with more melodic content/melodies on Eva. Glia [...]

GENTS140 - Katermurr - Tramonto

Katermurr – Tramonto

April, 16 2021

Tramonto is our new 3 track release by Katermurr. It is the artistname of Swiss, Basel based Nic Engel. A somewhat media shy person as there's hardly any artist info or picture to find of him. No Facebook page, just a soundcloud profile with around 130 followers. He's had a few releases out on Pogo House and it's sub labels before we received his demos in the inbox. We pressed play and [...]

GENTS139 - Khillaudio - Feel Good Groovin

Khillaudio – Feel Good Groovin

April, 02 2021

Feel Good Groovin is the new jackin house single by label man Khillaudio. While he doesn't release often, he still managed to find time to produce this slamming jackin house groover. Funky bass guitar line underpinned with solid 909 drums and a filtered disco sample make this an enjoyable track. Flashback: Khillaudio - Swingin' Times (The Remixes) GENTS139 - Khillaudio [...]

GENTS138 - Troyon & Radium Man - The Feeling Is Right EP

Troyon & Radium Man – The Feeling Is Right

March, 23 2021

Troyon is a French, Paris based producer duo that team up with their friend Radium Man to create 3 stunning tracks with a strong 'French Touch' feel. The Feeling Is Right is the apt title of this release. From The Sample I Know over to La Mangrove is where that flashback happens. Both tracks sound like they could have been released when Daft Punk were making a name for themselves. [...]

GENTS137 - Ritmo Du Vela - All Fucking Night EP

Ritmo Du Vela – All Fucking Night

March, 05 2021

Oscar Velazques aka Ritmo Du Vela, one of Mexico's prolific producers, features on the label with All Fucking Night.It's safe to say he's best known for his uptempo jackin house tracks that gather support by dj's worldwide. This EP is no different, main title track is a bomb tune with sampled vocals by Moodymann, carefully cut up and placed inside the overall groove of the track. [...]