GENTS138 - Troyon & Radium Man - The Feeling Is Right EP

Troyon & Radium Man – The Feeling Is Right

March, 23 2021

Troyon is a French, Paris based producer duo that team up with their friend Radium Man to create 3 stunning tracks with a strong 'French Touch' feel. The Feeling Is Right is the apt title of this release. From The Sample I Know over to La Mangrove is where that flashback happens. Both tracks sound like they could have been released when Daft Punk were making a name for themselves. [...]

GENTS137 - Ritmo Du Vela - All Fucking Night EP

Ritmo Du Vela – All Fucking Night

March, 05 2021

Oscar Velazques aka Ritmo Du Vela, one of Mexico's prolific producers, features on the label with All Fucking Night.It's safe to say he's best known for his uptempo jackin house tracks that gather support by dj's worldwide. This EP is no different, main title track is a bomb tune with sampled vocals by Moodymann, carefully cut up and placed inside the overall groove of the track. [...]

GENTS136 - Glass Slipper - So Threw

Glass Slipper – So Threw

February, 19 2021

The new single of Glass Slipper as hit the stores. So Threw is a wonderful vocal house tune by the Texas duo consisting of Brad & Lisa. After recent chart succes with the more afro house inspired Atjazz remix of the duo's track Unification Vibration out on Foliage, they're back with their signature vocal and soulful house vibes. Flashback: Listen to their first single Glass [...]

GENTS135 - I Gemin - Jzz Bnd EP

I Gemin – Jzz Bnd

February, 05 2021

I Gemin aka Mike Popov is on fire lately. Jzz Bnd is the follow-up of Butterfly which we released end of 2019 and was a quite successful release. This new one though ticked all boxes on first listen. Very very cool sampling techniques utilized on both tracks. Jazzy house from the top of the shelve! Flashback: Check his previous release I Gemin - Butterfly GENTS135 - I [...]

GENTS134 - Trevor Gordon - The System EP

Trevor Gordon – The System

January, 22 2021

Kicking off the new release year with Canadian DJ/producer Trevor Gordon's The System. Those looking for some garage inspired house will find what they're looking for on the main title track. What Is Love, the second track on the EP is a more loopy, filtery affair with a catchy vocal. Sometimes giving it a more jackin house feel. Flashback: Freudenthaler & Mystigrix - [...]

GENTS133 - Various Artists - The Dandy Selects Vol. 14

VA – The Dandy Selects Vol. 14

January, 01 2021

Every summer/winter holiday a new volume of our compilation series 'Various - The Dandy Selects' hits the stores worldwide. As always a fine selection of the past months releases. Main EP tracks mixed in with the b-side or less popular track or the odd remix. Giving the older tracks a new lease of life. Volume 14 is out now and includes two brand new tracks, welcoming PC Pat & [...]