GENTS118 Addvibe - I Want

Addvibe – I Want

May, 26 2020

Addvibe aka Lux Experience are the two monikers under which Pal Sorli releases various house flavors. With I Want, his latest single he returns to the label as Addvibe. The release holds a deep original mix, a jackin Discolicious mix, and a super hot Twolegs remix. The latter being our absolute favorite because of the melodiousness or instrumentation. Proper deep, soulful house that [...]

GENTS117 Dj with Soul - Deep Inside EP

Dj with Soul – Deep Inside

May, 26 2020

Another Berliner joins the label, as Dj with Soul debuts with 2 tracker Deep Inside. Hovering between deep and soulful house, both tracks on the release have that classic feel and vibe. Since 2010, Dj with Soul has been focusing on music production, particularly on house music that comes from the heart and has that warm sound as well as soulful elements. Flashback: Super dope [...]

GENTS116 Mogan - Sweet Salad EP

Mogan – Sweet Salad

April, 28 2020

Mogan, a french dj & producer from Grenoble debuts on the label with Sweet Salad. His bandcamp bio states that he's a synth and beer lover. This is very clear the minute you press play on his tracks. Very smooth melodies and funky, jazzy riffs give his tracks that 'extra finesse' you'd hear from a well trained musician. To us, his tracks sound just like a live band. Grab that [...]

GENTSDL08 Ryan Kane - A Million Days (Free Download)

Ryan Kane – A Million Days (Free Download)

April, 21 2020

Ryan Kane, a young and unknown producer from Glasgow contacted us with a demo link to his track 'A Million Days' (or should we say bootleg or edit?). It only took about 30 seconds to feel the track, as my body gave me goosebumps. That's a really good measuring stick. The vocals used are way too hot for a regular release, so we proposed Ryan to offer it up as a free download and push [...]

GENTS115 Freudenthaler & Mystigrix - Daydrinking In The French Riviera EP

Freudenthaler & Mystigrix – Daydrinking In The French Riviera

April, 09 2020

We just love collaborations, and this is another good example. Freudenthaler teams up with Mystigrix to create a well varied 3 track EP entitled 'Daydrinking In The French Riviera'. The EP title track is a beautiful melodic trip, including chirping birds and a lovely atmospheric sounding pad. 'Passing Through' to us sounds like proper classic house music. Loopy, disco filtered horns [...]

GENTS114 - Rawdio - Soft Mood EP

Rawdio – Soft Mood

March, 30 2020

Rawdio, aka Reinout from Vilvoorde Belgium, gets on board with 3 tracker Soft Mood. The EP opens with the stunningly beautiful EP title track. And it's just that, a mesmerizing deep spacey house cut ideal to play on the after-party. John Because has a more tech-house vibe while Just A Beat strips back elements goes deeper on the repeated chord and shuffling crispy drums. [...]