Lebedev (RU) & Vallmon – Auvrie

GENTS141 - Lebedev (RU) & Vallmon - Auvrie

An exciting new collaboration between a Russian & French producer found its way to our inbox. Lebedev (RU), aka [...]

Katermurr – Tramonto

GENTS140 - Katermurr - Tramonto

Tramonto is our new 3 track release by Katermurr. It is the artistname of Swiss, Basel based Nic Engel. A somewhat [...]

Khillaudio – Feel Good Groovin

GENTS139 - Khillaudio - Feel Good Groovin

Feel Good Groovin is the new jackin house single by label man Khillaudio. While he doesn't release often, he still [...]