GENTS113 - Manuel Sahagun - Rebuilt

Manuel Sahagun – Rebuilt

March, 06 2020

Manuel Sahagun, the Argentinian DJ/Producer debuts on the label with Rebuilt. 3 tracks of deep house bliss that are comparable with older Kevin Yost productions. From the main EP title track with jazzy syncopated drums and percussion to sample-based Brass Move (great sample, did you spot it?) to closing track Insiste. 3 tracks with an irresistible groove to dance to. Flashback: [...]

GENTS112 - George Jackson ft. Gene Roberson - Got That Magic

George Jackson ft. Gene Roberson – Got That Magic

February, 22 2020

George Jackson is a new upcoming producer from London, UK. Not to be mistaken with his Chicago homonymous. When we first listened to his Got That Magic demo submission, we were completely blown away by the quality of it. Super nice arrangement, with the wonderful voice of Gene Roberson carrying the track. Add to that a nice key solo and you've got our undivided [...]

GENTS111 - Glass Slipper - MEGA

Glass Slipper – MEGA

February, 10 2020

Glass Slipper joins the label with debut single MEGA (Make Earth Great Again). The Austin-based production duo formed by Brad Eller and Cork-Twiss cooked up a funky, vocal house track with catchy lyrics, lush piano chords underpinned by a big fat live bass. Next to the original mix, we also have a dub and Nick Abel remix. Flashback: Need more groove, then check Lux Experience - [...]

GENTS110 - B&S Concept - Destination Y

B&S Concept – Destination Y EP

January, 17 2020

Destination Y marks the return of B&S Concept. Their 2nd EP release on the label and again a solid two-tracker. A deep smooth groove with a spacey feeling on the main title track - it's the beautiful pad and the dubby stabs that trigger this - plus a chilled vocal that sounds like Erykah Badu. On Night Cruise they team up with French singer Vicil and raise the tempo a few bpm to [...]

GENTS109 - VA - The Dandy Selects Vol 12

VA – The Dandy Selects Vol. 12

December, 20 2019

Every Christmas holiday a new volume of our compilation series 'Various - The Dandy Selects' hits the stores worldwide. As always a fine selection of the past months releases. Main EP tracks mixed in with the b-side or less popular track or the odd remix. Giving the older tracks a new lease of life. Volume 12 is out now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2020 for more [...]

GENTS108 - Dimi Jazzmon - Other Side Of Time

Dimi Jazzmon – Other Side Of Time EP

December, 06 2019

Dimi Jazzmon 's debut 'Other Side Of Time' is something worth checking out if you like slower tempo, proper deep house jams. 4 tracks of underground deep house bliss. Flashback: Gregory Dub - Deeper EP GENTS108 - Dimi Jazzmon - Other Side Of Time Dimi Jazzmon's Other Side Of Time. Dimi Jazzmon is a dutch producer and dj. Having worked with Tantra Zawadi on [...]