Freudenthaler & Mystigrix – Daydrinking In The French Riviera

We just love collaborations, and this is another good example. Freudenthaler teams up with Mystigrix to create a well varied 3 track EP entitled ‘Daydrinking In The French Riviera’. The EP title track is a beautiful melodic trip, including chirping birds and a lovely atmospheric sounding pad. ‘Passing Through’ to us sounds like proper classic house music. Loopy, disco filtered horns accompanied with metallic percussions and a frivolous arp sound. ‘Feelings’ the closing track leans more to the deeper side with sustained deep chords and sax on top.

Flashback: Argentinian deephouse? Sure, head over to Manuel Sahagun’s Rebuilt EP

GENTS115 Freudenthaler & Mystigrix - Daydrinking In The French Riviera EP
GENTS115 Freudenthaler & Mystigrix – Daydrinking In The French Riviera EP

Another beautiful collaboration by Freudenthaler & Mystigrix sees a release.

Both producers involved on ‘Daydrinking In The French Riviera’ have their own artist profile and discography. Freudenthaler has previously released on Moment Cinetique, Feedasoul and Ltd, W/Lbl. Mystygrix releases have dropped on Boutade, Sure Cuts and Berlin Bass Collective. Next to that he also co-founded/owns the art-collective Conartism in Bremen.

The joint studio effort and inspiration of both artists lead to the creation of 3 really cool tracks which we happily signed and released. Collabs aren’t always an easy feature either. You’ve got to be on the same page somewhat to get a result that both parties are happy with.

Check the SoundCloud preview player down below, or just completely scroll to the bottom for the fanlink and buy it.

More about Freudenthaler & Mystigrix in our artist section


Release dates

Daydrinking In The French Riviera was released as Traxsource exclusive promo on 20th of March and a worldwide release on 3rd April 2020.
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