Dj with Soul – Deep Inside

Another Berliner joins the label, as Dj with Soul debuts with 2 tracker Deep Inside. Hovering between deep and soulful house, both tracks on the release have that classic feel and vibe. Since 2010, Dj with Soul has been focusing on music production, particularly on house music that comes from the heart and has that warm sound as well as soulful elements.

Flashback: Super dope vocal house bomb George Jackson – Got The Magic

GENTS117 Dj with Soul - Deep Inside EP
GENTS117 Dj with Soul – Deep Inside EP

Can You Feel Dj with Soul’s deepness?

Karsten Weiss aka as Dj with Soul has been sending us some of his musical creations for a while now. Previous submissions had nice elements but somehow failed to convince us to get a release going. Not that the demos were bad, they just didn’t immediately jump at us. Which both tracks on this occasion did.

As long time fans of house music, we’ve got a knack or good ear to identify the elements that form a solid base for a classic sounding house tune. Both Deep Inside & Can You Feel It have the ingredients that made our hairs stand-up, tap a foot and write a reply almost instantly on his submission email, welcoming him to the label. Just check it out yourself.

Check the SoundCloud preview player down below, or just completely scroll to the bottom for the fanlink and buy it.

More about Dj with Soul in our artist section

Dj with Soul
Dj with Soul
Gents & Dandy’s Records 🎩 · [GENTS117] Dj with Soul – Deep Inside EP – OUT NOW

Release dates

Deep Inside was released as Traxsource exclusive promo on 17th of April and a worldwide release on 1st May 2020.
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