Dimi Jazzmon – Other Side Of Time EP

GENTS108 - Dimi Jazzmon - Other Side Of Time

Dimi Jazzmon 's debut 'Other Side Of Time' is something worth checking out if you like slower tempo, proper deep house [...]

Kool Bronson – The Funkiest EP

GENTS107 - Kool Bronson - The Funkiest

'The Funkiest' is the follow up EP of Kool Bronson on the label. Loopy sampled deep and jackin house music grooves [...]

Damian Rausch – Between EP

GENTS106 - Damian Rausch - Between

Damian Rausch debut label EP 'Between' can count on a lot of support. It's managed to be featured on two Spotify [...]

I Gemin – Butterfly EP

GENTS105 - Igemin - Butterfly

I Gemin needs no introductionas his Butterfly EP is solid proof of his studio know-how. Two bass bubbling deep house [...]

Clean Is Good – He Loves Deep EP

GENTS104 - Clean Is Good - He Loves Deep

'He Loves Deep' is the new release by Clean Is Good. Also known in real life as Betuel Salazar from Mexico. His [...]

Harre – RAW EP

GENTS102 - Harre - RAW

Harre - RAW is our new release by the German, Halle based producer and dj. 3 tracks of different deep house vibes. [...]

Lux Experience – LA Disco EP

GENTS101 - Lux Experience - LA Disco

Pal Sorli aka Lux Experience releases 'LA Disco' after his recent remix work for the label. The Norwegian based [...]

Kool Bronson – Pablo Takes Blunt EP

GENTS099 - Kool Bronson - Pablo Takes Blunt

Mysterious Kool Bronson releases 'Pablo Takes Blunt', a two track affaire spanning both deep house and jackin house. [...]

VA – The Dandy Selects Vol. 11

GENTS098 - VA - The Dandy Selects Vol 11

Every summer and winter holiday season we release a Various Artist compilation entitled 'The Dandy Selects', which [...]

VA – Fresh Flavors Vol. 1 EP

GENTS097 - VA - Fresh Flavors Vol 1

Khillaudio compiles 'Various - Fresh Flavors Vol. 1' and introduces two new recent artist signing to the label along [...]

Sasha Virus – Chance EP

GENTS096 - Sasha Virus - Chance

Sasha Virus garage house inspired 'Chance' EP is out worldwide. Two tracks with lots of flavor, and groove. Sax lines [...]

Adham Zahran – Radfil Piers EP

GENTS095 - Adham Zahran - Radfil Piers

Egypt's Adham Zahran Radfil Piers EP is a thing of beauty. 3 subtle jazz inspired deep house tracks. Jazzy syncopated [...]

22 Weeks – Keep On Moving EP

GENTS094 - 22 Weeks - Keep On Moving

22 Weeks - Keep On Moving is an EP from our Belgian friend Raf Van den Dries. It holds 3 tracks that are equally [...]

WillowMan – The Way EP

GENTS093 - WillowMan - The Way

WillowMan's latest 'The Way' is a super smooth take on deephouse and soulful house that blurs the lines between both [...]

Crowd Control – If You Like

GENTS092 - Crowd Control - If You Like

Crowd Control, a known name in France, releases single 'If You Like' with 3 remixes from Criss Korey, Lux Experience [...]

Igor Gonya & Tamandua Twist – The Bee’s Knees

GENTS090 - Igor Gonya & Tamandua Twist - The Bee's Knees

Igor Gonya & Tamandua Twist get together to create the single 'The Bee's Knees'. 3 mixes in total for this new [...]

Will Sonic & Iner – Disco Semplo EP

GENTS089 - Will Sonic & Iner - Disco Semplo

Will Sonic & Iner release Disco Semplo as their first collaboration project.It's always nice to be presented with [...]

Campaner – Looking Back EP

GENTS088 - Campaner - Looking Back

Mallorcan artist Campaner's 'Looking Back' EP is our fourth release of 2019. He's supplied us with another solid two [...]

Slug Father – Time With You EP

GENTS087 - Slug Father - Time With You

Brooklynite Slug Father releases Time With You - a gorgeous, super funky - and sample heavy two track EP. Deephouse [...]

BAENR – Gloire & Beaute EP

GENTS086 - BAENR - Gloire & Beaute

Gloire & Beaute by BAENR, a dj/producer based in Brussels, is our second release of the year. 'Gloire & [...]

B&S Concept – Falling Away EP

GENTS085 - B&S Concept - Tour En Flandre

Falling Away by B&S Concept is the release that kicks of the new year! The French, Lille based duo release this [...]

Platzdasch & Khillaudio – No Way EP

GENTS079 Platzdasch & Khillaudio - No Way EP

Khillaudio Labelboss Khillaudio starts a collaboration EP with label artist Platzdasch. Back in 2016 [...]

Henrik Villard – Slow EP

GENTS078 Henrik Villard - Slow EP

Henrik Villard releases his groovy two tracker 'Slow' on Gents & Dandy's. He's a dj/producer based in Oslo, [...]

Marius (BEL) – Be Sincere EP

Antwerp based Marius Acke, artistname Marius (BEL), releases his 4 track Be Sincere EP on the label after remixing Das [...]