VA – Fresh Flavors Vol. 1 EP

Khillaudio compiles ‘Various – Fresh Flavors Vol. 1’ and introduces two new recent artist signing to the label along with 2 returning artists. 4 tracks by B&S Concept, Dub Striker, Manuel Kane and Vian Pelez

Flashback: Labelboss Khillaudio’s Swingin’ Times EP

GENTS097 - VA - Fresh Flavors Vol 1
GENTS097 – VA – Fresh Flavors Vol 1

Various Fresh Flavors of house.

Small compilations or samplers are the perfect tool to introduce a new artist on a label. This is also the setup of the first Fresh Flavors release. 2 returning artists alongside 2 new ones that will provide the 4 tracks.
This sampler introduces new signing Manuel Kane and Vian Pelez. And returning artists B&S Concept and Dub Striker. From the disco inspired ‘VIP’ by Manuel to the deep groove on Vian’s ‘Birdsong’. They don’t dissapoint for a second. B&S Conept delivers ‘Into My Arms’ and Dub Striker does ‘Hazy Dayz’.

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Hit play on the soundcloud player below to stream all 4 tracks of this Various Artists sampler.

Release dates

‘Fresh Flavors Vol. 1’ is set to be released as a Traxsource exclusive promo on 5th of July and a worldwide release on 19th of July 2019.
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