Richard Earnshaw supports Cleanfield – Forward on iCulture Radio

Cleanfield Forward Part1

Cleanfield’s track Forward gathers support from industry heavyweight Richard Earnshaw

A big thank you to Richard Earnshaw for playing ‘Forward’ from our current release by Cleanfield on his iCulture radio show dated 08/03/18 on But not only that, Richard had some really nice words to say about Gents & Dandy’s and the tracks we are putting out on the label which is always good to hear and we are fully appreciative for his kind words.

Listen to iCulture Radio Show March 8

More about Richard

Richard Earnshaw

Richard Earnshaw has dedicated his life to producing top quality Music. His collaborative works have found themselves in many Global Charts and are included in some of the worlds most influential compilations and album releases from the world’s most influential Record Labels and Artists. His sound is a benchmark in professional production and his music is respected by music creators and music lovers alike. Richard also goes under the alias spiritchaser and if you’re a fan of one51 guess what that’s also Richard too. February 2018 meant that Richards label duffnote recordings turned 15 years old and have released 179 releases to date, so congratulations are in order and we salute you for your sustainability within the music scene.

More about Cleanfield


Cleanfield is a Dj/producer from Arnhem in the Netherlands and this is his second release with Gents & Dandy’s. He describes his sound stating he belongs to a new generation of producers synthesizing the Detroit tradition and Neo-soul sounds into novel electronic gems. Trust us when we say  Cleanfield is one to watch for the future.

Release dates for Cleanfield’s split Forward EP

The current release as played by Richard, Forward Part 1 is on promo now at Traxsource with all other platforms on 30/03/2018. Also, there is a Forward Part 2 dropping real soon – preorder it now on Traxsource – that follows up from this release. Keep your eyes peeled for the traxsource exclusive on 23/03/2018 and all other platforms 06/04/18.

Words: James Lee

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