Daniël Leseman – On The Fritz EP [Outplay Records]

Here at Gents and Dandy’s we’re all about the three ‘P’s’ in music; production, presentation and passion. Not only do we strive to achieve these in our own releases, but we also seek out these qualities  when searching for music to play in our sets.

Enter Daniël Leseman; part label owner, part-A&R, part sound designer and part producer. His solo endeavours, and as one half of production duo, Fouk, have seen him release original tracks and remixes on labels such as Local Talk, Pusic Records, Witty Tunes, Sudden Depth Records and his own co-founded label, Outplay Records. It is here that you will find the stellar “On The Fritz” EP; a 12″ slab of sexy swingin’ synths, silky-smooth samples and, above all, a solid statement to all that he is a force to be reckoned with.

The record’s opening statement, “Drums”, is nothing short of a belter; its ever-evolving riffs and sizzling-hot hats effortlessly captivate the body, sending it into a hypnotic state of fluidity, slip-sliding from one beat to the next. The title-track on the flip, “On The Fritz”, employs a similar technique, this time easing the mind into a state of euphoria with its soulful piano-driven melody, before smashing the dandy out of the dancefloor with a return to bright chord synths and shuffling shakers. “Time To Go” provides a perfect late-night groover to complete the offering; an ensemble of funky-fresh samples and loose and lazy chords, all the while maintaining a solid rhythm to keep the floor moving.

Check out the release for yourself below and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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