Win 109 Releases in our 2020 Give-away

Edit Jan 6th 2021: Congrats to Sam Colman who’s won this give-away.

It’s the end of a troublesome year. We’ve kept releasing bi-weekly during the current on-going pandemic and we’re glad we did. Music can help in times of isolation and social distancing.

Full Digital Bandcamp Discography Give-away 2020.
Full Digital Bandcamp Discography Give-away 2020.

We’ve decided to give our current full digital discography on Bandcamp to the winner of our 2020 give-away contest. This is a leaderboard thing, meaning that if you participate, you can (and should) increase your chances for winning by referring friends to the give-away page. The more referrals the better. The person with the most, ranking at #1 wins.

Browse to the Give-away page and start. Good luck!

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