Groove Riddim – Jerzeyy Cat Undaground Cutz EP

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[GENTS26] Groove Riddim - Jerzeyy Cat Undaground Cutz EP

Remember the Jerzeyy Boyz release from last year? Well, we now have one of it’s members back on the label and he goes by the name of Groove Riddim. With previous releases out on Skylax, Snazzytraxx and Urban Dubz he’s produced quite a nice discography in a short timespan. A 3 track EP that highlights his love for New Jersey house, entitled Jerzeyy Cat Undaground Cutz EP.

Support by: Danny Taurus, Khillaudio, Melodymann, Liquid Phonk, Mike Millrain, Groove Assassin, Titonton Duvante, Ricky Tinez and many more.


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